CW Design is dedicated to doing what we do exceptionally, that’s why we keep our services simple.

As our name implies, if all you have is a vision of what you want your dream home to look like, and have not yet put those ideas to paper, we will work with you to bring them to life. Once your design is ready, we can create the Construction Documents you need to submit for permit.

If you already have a design and just need the construction documents created, we can draft your design and get you ready to submit for permit. For a listing of what is included in our Construction Documents, please click the link "Sample Drawings" on the right side.

While CW Design does not have any licensed engineer’s on staff, we do have a close relationship with engineering firms in the Seattle area. We work directly with those engineering firms, on your behalf, to make sure your design meets city/county code.

Permit Process
We can partner with you to help you get through the permit process. We offer assistance on paperwork you will need to fill out for the permit process, as well as help prepare you for questions you may be asked during the permit review process.